Allegiant Is Out! I’m Not Reading it Yet

Veronica Roth’s Allegiant came out two weeks ago and I still haven’t started it.

I bought it, and I started reading it, but the first thought as I read the first paragraph was “Who’s that?” That was also my second thought, and my third thought. I could not for the life of me remember who Edith or Christina or Will or even EVELYN was. I couldn’t remember the character that shares my (until-recently-very-uncommon) name. So I went back to the beginning. I reread Divergent (which I had to do before I read Insurgent for the same reason) and now you can see I am about half way through Insurgent for a second time. I remember who most of those people are now.
I am trying to reread with a supportive mindset. I’ve come to appreciate the idea that there’s really no reason to read a book looking for things you don’t like about it, and it’s a lot more interesting and enriching and helpful for everyone to read a book looking for the things to like about it. BUT! I keep having issues with these books! I really want Tris’s shoulder to stop hurting, or at least for her to stop reminding us that it hurts. I also want her to stop making out with Four so much. Sorry, everybody. I’m cranky. And I really want everyone to stop shaking so much. By everyone I mostly mean Tris and Four, since those are the only people whose bodies get described in any detail. But geez, guys! Are you getting enough potassium? Do you have Parkinson’s? What’s with the CONSTANT SHAKING?!
I’m going to go pretend to be Tris and run a few miles and try not to shake or think about how much my shoulder hurts and then come back and finish this so I can finally start the book all of you finished weeks ago.

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