Newbery Project Addition!

ImageThis morning it was announced that at some point I will have to add Flora & Ulysses to my Newbery Project reading list. (That’s exactly how they did it, the ALA called me up to tell me to rearrange my reading schedule. Then I assume they called Kate DiCamillo. Then the rest of you learned about it. It was all very official.)

I love Kate DiCamillo (except for Magician’s Elephant, I thought that was a snooze-fest) so I’m looking forward to tackling this one. It also looks like it’s definitely not one of your quiet, cry-inducing, serious-fests I always worry is going to be the front-runner. If I can fit it in soon, I will, rather than waiting until the very end.

I have to admit I’m a little bummed they didn’t pick something a little more obscure this time around, though! Kate DiCamillo is already the Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. She’s pretty much royalty of Middle Grade. She hardly needs the Newbery push. I was kind of hoping for a reason to read something I wouldn’t otherwise pick up. I definitely would have gotten around to reading Flora & Ulysses eventually no matter what. I might have to dig into the Honor books this year. I was especially surprised to see Doll Bones on so many Newbery prediction lists this year (and then on the Honor’s list) because it looks so very un-Newbery. I might have to start an off-shoot of the project where I insert Newbery Honor books here and there, because I am dying to read that one.

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