I should be getting good at these “Sorry” posts…

The number of times I’ve had to write one of these “Sorry I’ve been bad about blogging!” posts is definitely about 10 too many. But here I am again.

I haven’t published a post since February, but I have still been reading! The winter doldrums got me down on writing and it was hard to get back in the saddle. Luckily, though, getting back in the reading children’s lit saddle was pretty easy, even though Crispin: The Cross of Lead made a really valiant effort at keeping me out. Man.

As summer (and summer break) approaches I plan on posting twice a week for a while to help get me back on track. As of today, I’ve read all the way back to 1998’s winner, Out of the Dust, which gives me enough fodder for posts for the next month at that pace. I’m also hoping to read one book a week that was published this year and write about that. I’m hoping to put the Newbery Project in perspective (I write about this Newbery fatigue in my Criss Cross post), get some idea about what might win the Newbery for 2015, and perhaps actually review something you haven’t heard of for once. Maybe. I’m going to try to keep it mostly middle grade, but I read two interesting YA novels last weekend (one you have almost definitely heard about, one you maybe haven’t) that gave me plenty to talk about.

On to summer! Later today: my long-postponed review of Lynn Rae Perkin’s Criss Cross.

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